Laser Cutting Machine


HT-1390 fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with Japanese Panasonic servo motor, imported TBI dual driver grinding ball screw for Y axis, imported TBI grinding ball screw for X axis and Hiwin guide rail, the positioning accuracy of the machine tool can be 0.008mm and the cutting acceleration is 0.5G. The working life is more than 10 years.

Application insutry

Fiber laser cutting machine 1390 is specially designed for high precision cutting. It is widely used in machinery, microelectronics, glasses, electronics and other industries, which has high requirements on the cutting accuracy. Professional for cutting various of thin metal sheet, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate and other metal materials.

Performance Parameter

Machine ModelHT-1390
Laser power500W 750W 1000W(Optional)
Working area600mmx400mm
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.008mm
Maximum speed40m/min
Maximum acceleration0.5G
Transmission modeGrinding precision screw drive
Specified voltage and frequency220V/50Hz/60Hz/60A

Laser Cutting Machine Fiber

Dual rail and dual driver.

It is more precise.

Aviation aluminium gantry.

More light and high strength.

Japanese yaskawa servo motor and driver.

More fast and high precision.

CE standard protective glass.

Worthing/Raytools laser head with autofocus.

French MOTOREDUCER with high precision.

Working video

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